Treating Worn or Broken Teeth

treatment for worn or broken teeth geneva Il Patients may experience broken or worn teeth for a variety of different reasons. Worn or broken teeth may be a result of dental trauma or an underlying dental concern. Visiting a trusted, experienced dentist can help you determine the reason for tooth damage and address any underlying dental concerns. As a Dawson Academy trained dentist, Dr.Neeraj Khanna consistently analyzes the relationship between for main components: jaw joints, muscles, supporting tissues, and teeth, to determine if they are working cohesively. When the four main components are not working in harmony, it may affect the balance of the bite or lead to other complex dental issues.

The goal is to provide effective solutions to address your damaged teeth. Dr. Khanna performs a full comprehensive exam to pinpoint the exact reason for tooth damaged and create a personalized solution to restore your teeth. We pride ourselves on creating effective, personalized solutions with a minimal amount of dentistry. To learn more about your options, visit Khanna Dentistry in Geneva, IL. To schedule an appointment, call  630-225-7164 or schedule an appointment online.

Treatment For Worn or Broken Teeth in Geneva, IL

As noted, Dr. Khanna will perform a detailed analysis of the teeth, muscles, jaw joints, and supporting tissue, to determine if your tooth damage was caused by an underlying dental concern. Commonly, damaged teeth are the result of trauma or an accident; at other times, damaged teeth may be the result of TMJ disorder, teeth grinding, or an imbalanced bite. Dr. Khanna will assess your unique situation and create a solution based on your needs. Dr. Khanna may recommend one or more of the treatment to address damaged teeth.

If worn or broken teeth are caused by a complex dental issue, Dr. Khanna may recommend one or more of these treatments in addition to the treatment listed above.

Our goal at Khanna Dentistry to create healthy, beautiful smiles through complete dental care. Dr. Khanna is a highly trained dentist who is dedicated to helping each patient improve their natural smile. If you have experienced tooth damage, please visit Khanna Dentistry for the solutions you need.