Have You Been Screened For Oral Cancer?

Oral Cancer Geneva IL April is oral cancer awareness month. Oral cancer can develop anywhere in the mouth, throat, cheeks, tongue, and gums. Although men are diagnosed at a higher rate, women can also develop oral cancer. It is imperative that patients schedule regular preventive care visit to a trusted dentist.

Dr. Neeraj Khanna is a highly skilled dentist in Geneva, IL who provides routine oral cancer screenings during your preventive dental care exam. Preventive dental care allows Dr. Khanna to perform detailed screenings for complex dental problems, including oral cancer. Oral cancer is often underdiagnosed or diagnosed in the later stages because patients don’t visit the dentist regularly. We encourage our patients to visit our Geneva dental office at least twice a year for a comprehensive exam and routine screenings. An oral cancer screening only takes a few minutes out of your visit. If oral cancer is suspected, Dr. Khanna may recommend a biopsy to determine if you have developed oral cancer. Dr. Khanna will work with you to coordinate the next steps in your treatment.

An early diagnosis may save your life. If you need to schedule an appointment at Khanna Dentistry in Geneva, IL, call 630-225-7164 or schedule an appointment online.

Oral Cancer Symptoms and Risks

Oral Cancer Symptoms:

  • a sore throat
  • white or red patches in the mouth
  • difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • pain in the ears
  • a lump in the mouth or throat
  • swelling or pain in the jaw
  • sores or lesions in the oral cavity

Risk Factors Associated With Oral Cancer:

  • age
  • gender
  • HPV exposure
  • tobacco use
  • alcohol consumption

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should schedule an appointment at Khanna Dentistry in Geneva, IL. If you are at high risk for oral cancer, please speak with Dr. Khanna. Dr. Khanna can work with on ways to improve your oral health and possibly lower your risks.