Geneva IL Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

Martin K.

Susan (as always) rocks! . She is an excellent hygienist and a huge asset to the practice.

Thomas P.

Sue is a wonder, meticulous, but gentle and very informative. I always love talking to her.

Kory W.

Very professional staff and Dr. Khanna was not only very accommodating regarding working with my schedule but also in communicating with me regarding his proposed treatment plan as it related to my personal expectations to improve the overall esthetics of my smile. A+!

Thomas P.

Khanna Dentistry is simply the single best dental practice I have ever encountered. Bar none. Dr. Khanna and his amazing staff merge medicine, science, craft, and art into a seamless whole, purely directed toward the best possible outcome for their patients.

Amy M.

I was impressed with the whole process. I’ve never had all of my dental problems addressed before, and I’m a dentist myself. I value Dr. Khanna’s commitment to excellence.

Connie M.

Dr. Khanna and his staff have been like family to me for 15 years! They are thorough and extremely friendly. Best dental office in ILLINOIS!

Annette M.

We were very pleased with the quick return phone call very early in the morning from Dr. Khanna himself. They accommodated our schedule and then waited for us to arrive a few minutes after they closed the office. They fixed my eleven-year-old daughter’s problem in 5 seconds, but Dr. Khanna explained his procedure thoroughly. He had to use a drill and my daughter was very scared because this was her first drilling experience. She was very happy with Dr. Khanna and she was very relieved to no longer have her tooth problem.

Lillia K.

Over all I am very happy with the office and care I am receiving. Your office is always courteous and pleasant.

Terry J.

Me being a dentaphobic, Dr. Khanna and his entire staff went out of their way to make me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire visit. I actually had fun.

Carol G.

Visiting a dentist is not the first thing on my list of delightful things to do. However, with the smiles on everyone’s face, the warm greeting, and the professional attitude, the experience is as delightful as can be under the circumstances!

Sandy B.

You’re there for us and take extraordinary care of our emergency situations. May good things happen for all of you every day.

Todd A.

I have been going through some personal issues and your team made me feel like family. I sensed a genuine concern for my health and well being from entire staff. THANK YOU!

KU Fan

Dr. Khanna is the most thorough dentist I have ever known. I have complete confidence in him and his staff. He seems to understand that their is more to my health than just finding cavities. He recommends the best possible treatment and backs it up with quality. I can’t believe that this great of a dentist is here in Geneva. If you are looking for an incredible dental office…this is the place!

Nicole F.

Dr. Khanna and his staff were absolutely wonderful. The procedure only took a few hours and the results are amazing. I am thrilled with my new smile.


About two years ago, I was developing craters in my molars which ended up with several chipped teeth. My old fillings were also loosening and new fillings didn’t stay on for more than 3 months. My dentist of 15 years did nothing more than refilling…. and refilling …. and telling me that it comes with age and teeth grinding in sleep. Out of sheer frustration I switched to Dr. Khanna. During my first visit, I had more apprehension than high expectation of ever restoring my dental health. Little did I know how glad I would be that I switched…… Dr. Khanna not only diagnosed the root cause of craters, chipped teeth, and falling fillings, but also outlined and discussed in detail a comprehensive corrective plan for complete restoration my deteriorating teeth: correct the rootcause with occlusal adjustment to realign the teeth and jaw; cap chipped teeth; replace loose fillings; and fit a custom night-guard to hold the alignment and to prevent damage from teeth grinding. Appointments in quick succession followed till full restoration to PERFECTION. Now my teeth rows seat perfectly, no more cratering, chipping, or loose fillings in the last two years. I now visit him every 6 months only for routine dental cleaning and oral examination. His staff, led by his assistant Amanda, are professional, supportive, and caring. I am a grateful beneficiary of his professional dentistry skills, performed to esthetic perfection with the patience and artistry of a jewelsmith. I would be remiss if I don’t express my true feelings: I am so glad I switched from a carpenter to a jewelsmith.